Cliché & Cleavage

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

America’s has been revisited by the like of Bonnie & Clyde, or Mickey & Mallory, as George Hyatt was sprung from the belly of beast by his wife Jennifer.

As Hyatt was being led off for an armed robbery conviction, sweetheart Jennifer opened fire on his keepers

As the armed corrections officers prepared to put Hyatte into a waiting van, "a dark-colored SUV appeared behind the van," Washam said. "Mr. Hyatte hollered, 'Shoot 'em!'

The daring escape, however, comes as little surprise. Hyatt has been no stranger to escape artistry.

Hyatte escaped from county jail twice before, said Sheryl Jordan, chief deputy court clerk for Rhea County, 70 miles from Kingston. The first escape was in 1998; the second in 2002, she said.

It would appear that love knows no bounds, as Jennifer is no stranger to taking risks for her beloved. Having met George as a correctional services nurse, she was dismissed for her association with him.

Jennifer Hyatte was fired in August 2004 from her job as a contract licensed practical nurse at Northwest Correctional Complex in Tiptonville for having an inappropriate relationship with Hyatte, said Darrell Alley, a Tennessee Department of Corrections spokesman.

Alley said she was caught smuggling food from a restaurant into the prison and acknowledged to officials that it was for Hyatte. At the time, they were not married and she called herself Jennifer Forsyth, Alley said.

Though one correctional services’ officer lost his life over the ordeal, it’s unlikely that if Hollywood bothers to recount the love affair that it would fail to capture the hearts and minds of an audience. Despite the horrifying events that characterized the real tale of Bonnie & Clyde, and the fictional one of Mickey & Mallory, viewers can’t help but to feel some strange sense of morbid pity when the law brings the romance to a tragic end.

And George & Jenn are looking to meet their tale’s end soon. It’s reported that either one or both were wounded through the ordeal.

Police found the abandoned blue Ford Explorer with blood on the driver's side about a quarter mile from the courthouse, Washam said.

So though happy endings are preferred, tragic ones tend to linger with us much longer. It will be interesting to see where fate brings these two, and some part of the soul can’t help but to hope that, in the least, they are never heard from again.

Although real lives were touched by these gruesome events, there is some heartwarming element to knowing that there is still love out there that is not only willing to brave all the odds, but take the initiative in doing whatever it might take to arrive at some happy ending, no matter how remote of a possibility that that ending might be.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

As much as Dov Charney recognizes that money talks and bullshit walks, he also understands that sex is the undisputed number one seller these days--which make it seems as though just about everybody has a potty mouth. But black-sheep and diamonds in the rough, alike, tend to stand-out in the crowd, and no one is singled out more in either of those respects these days than the infamous American Apparel (AA) CEO.

Founder of the fastest growing company in the industry, this fashion mogul has proven himself a man among men as his brazenly sexy approach to marketing has made his lableless label the success story of the decade.

Featuring mostly AA employees, the controversy surrounding the companies advertisements has constituted nothing short of an inferno, and as two separate sexual harassment lawsuits have been hurled at him, wannabe subversive subcultures the internet over have been quick to offer kindling and matchbooks alike to spark a blaze at his feet.

Where there’s smoke, there may be fire, but just as it can rip through and devastate our homes and settlements, without it we’d drop like flies from a confluence of hypothermia, salmonella, and otherwise fearless beasts prowling and lying in wait just beyond the shadows at nightfall.

There’s something to the success that Charney’s ad campaign has enjoyed, and that’s that it’s something that most people can (demonstrably) understand and relate to, and therefore sympathise with. Sex (and the pleasure that ensues from it) is something that whatever maker that there is out there has afforded nearly every last one of us; and that is, by definition, nothing short of equitable.

Personally, AA ads outright turn me on. Whether featuring a male or female (I’m a straight male by the way) it gets my mojo revving at Nascar levels. There’s something honest and real about them. Rather than being subtly suggestive like their industry counterparts, they’re brazenly assertive. Featuring relatively exposed, average looking people, they flaunt sexuality, insisting that it’s a good thing, and that’s a reasonable point to make.

Of course, success brings stress, and as soon as you’ve baked yourself the flakiest little pie in the land, there’s some opportunist asking for a kick-down and trying to break off a piece for themselves.

Sure, given Charney’s own admitted and demonstrated inclinations, it’s easy to regard the allegations as plausible, credible, or even legitimate, but in his case, that just doesn’t add up. Charney’s no fool; if he were, he wouldn’t be the powerhouse that he’s become in only seven years.

As the man once said, to live outside the law, you must be honest, and that’s probably why Charney’s been renowned for being so candid about his lifestyle. Being discrete about something that’s outside the norms and conventions of the average household usually means that you have something to hide; but as far as Charney goes, breaking all the laws of social convention is probably why he’s been so up-front every step of his way toward the top.

It simply too good (re: easy) for it to be true that he’d inappropriately impose on the libido of another. As far has business and marketing goes, Charney’s shown himself a genius, and any claim that he’d risk compromising everything he’s built by perpetrating acts that could seem so plausible given his highly publicised persona is, itself, dubious.

Then again, the lynch-mob mentality that’s been rallied against him isn’t that much of a surprise. People tend to fear whatever they don’t understand, and degree of Christian sexual repression running through the ranks of our purportedly free society is daunting. Only by freeing the mind can the body follow, and as long as there are devotees to dogma running around free out there, insecure about all their biologically factitious drives, our freedom to pursue physical happiness is still in danger.